30 days to newness challenge

imagine a world you could finally take control of your daily experience.

The #1 challenge series for Entrepreneurs and Experts who want to Learn To bring their desires, dreams and financial aspirations to reality.

Learn To attract high paying clients consistently and have things flow to you with ease

The #1 challenge series for Entrepreneurs and Expert who want to control the kind of finances they make daily to the kind of people in their lives with a fearless mind

Ellie Lindström

My Story

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this is for you if ...

You want to learn about the mental Principles and laws that govern our world (universe). You also want to understand how to maneuver these principles and laws  so you can get what you desire out of life. sounds like fun? then read on to see what you can learn in this 30 challenge…

mental energy

You are ready to LEARN how to use your thoughts as a mental energy that transmites itself into speech, behaviour, perception to create desired experiences.

creative visualization

You are ready to LEARN how to use your mind in the right way so you can take your life from your present worst case scenario and now start living a different kind of life.

thought optimization

You are ready to LEARN how to start to observing your thoughts so you can focus more on “what you want” than “what you do not want”

easy manifestation

you are ready to LEARN how to exercise your language, your conversation, your imaginary skills until you come out (thinking that life is against you) to thinking (life is on your side)

what do you get in this challenge??

5 days to a mindset revamp

Discover what level of mind consciousness you have been operating all your life and learn unique lessons to unlock your mental potential to accept more greatness into your life.

what you get...

To kick off the challenge with a bang, you will go through a mind detox with the mind revamp class for 5 days

21 days to create newness

21 days to finally take control of your life, your job/business and your daily experiences through your mental thoughts as you begin to create your new reality regardless of the different challenges you are presently facing.

what you get...

You get daily prompts on what you should do daily during this 30 days challenge

meditate to excel

Dissect your inner most potential and begin to experience a fulfilled life as you live your life to your fullest desire using your gifts, skills and energy to attract new possibilities that you only dreamt of.

what you get...

This six phase meditation guide will help you tap into your greatness and take mental control of your days and the world around you.

Hear what others have to say...

client success stories

It's Your Turn

human history


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  • Full Access To All Museum Exhibitions
  • Free Audio Tour App + Bonus Features
  • 20% Discount On Your Next Visit

hAve more questions?

Challenge starts May 9th 2021 but registration closes May 8th 2021

It is an online challenge  with our group meetings to hold on zoom.

We will meet at least twice a week on Sundays 8pm GMT and Thursday 8pm GMT

With an investment of $500 / 242,500 you get to attend this challenge

Yes! there is a TELEGRAM group that all participants will join to get extra support during their challenge duration.

Still got questions?

It's easy as one-two-three

how to join the challenge


apply to join

Apply to join the challenge, we love to know everyone who joins our programme so yes! we will be meeting up with you to know if we are a good fit to help you bring your desires, dreams and financial aspiration to reality


scedule a discovery call

After your application, we will go through your application form.If you qualify, we will then reach out to you to schedule a call.


invest in the challenge

Our discovery call is set up to get to know you more, understand your personal struggles and your desires. If we see we are good fit, you get the opportunity to invest in this challenge.

i look forward to helping you create a new world! you love.

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