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Imoh Williams

my story

I was born into a very comfortable home, surrounded by wealth but lacking the very essence of it. Trained to talk and stand confidently but displaying all traits of low self-esteem. Your confusion is justified.  but that is the kinda mixed chaos I lived in for 25 years.



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changed my life


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how I
changed my life

step 1 - journey to self-awareness

Got tired of living from one drama to the next. There was always something I was dealing with and I was sick of it. So I looked for a coach. 

During our time together I realize my unstable emotions (this could happen 10 times in an hour).  I began to practise the lessons learnt with this coach to regulate my emotions.

step2 - 10 years of healing

I began to learn how to regulate my emotions, where I realised that my unresolved issues with my mum were affecting way more things in my life than I imagine.

With the help of my coach, I began my journey to truly forgiving my mum and letting go of what I experienced with her, whether she was right or not.

step3 - removing limiting beliefs

In a bid to increase sales in my business, I started buying courses, spending thousands of dollars to increase my skill and attract more high paying clients.

The clients came but not consistently. My wounded self-esteem took a deeper dive to low confidence in my ability as an expert.  So I Kept buying more courses and began to realise that I didn’t lack knowledge, I just had various mind blocks that were hindering me.

step4 - transition to mind mastery

So I began enrolling in mindset courses. I began to understand why I was not getting my desired results even with all my knowledge. I began to work on my limiting beliefs amongst other things and  I began to take action more regularly and give up less… my results increased. 

I then collated a system to help more people get results in anything they desired. Tested it on myself and I  got more results faster with less stress.

mind crest SHOW


To introduce people to their mind power I hold a weekly show called “MIND CREST“.  It is currently a live show which holds on Instagram live on my personal page… www.instagram.com/theimohwilliams.  It started on the 17th of May 2021. The goal of this live series is to help experts, career professionals and business owners to attain the following mindset  results

Years of experience
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 In this 3 part video class you are able to differ why you are currently experiencing some reoccurring challenges in your life and what level of conscious you should aim for in order to live a life of limitlessness.

In this 3 part video class, you are able to finally uncover those hidden beliefs hat have been slowing you down, stopping you and even getting in your way of your desired success in life.

In this 3 part video class, you get to now take deliberate steps to eradicate those limiting beliefs that have unconsciously held you kept you struggling to bring your desires, dreams and financial aspiration to reality

In this 3 part video class, I guide to Install new mindset beliefs that will help you gain a new sense of control over your mind, your life, your situations and daily experiences.

In this 3 part video, you learn daily habits you will consciously run on autopilot in your mind that will propel you to start and keep taking action to attain your desires, dreams and financial aspirations of your new life.



Here is a 5-day mini-course for entrepreneurs, professionals as well as sales agents who are struggling to bring their desires, dreams and financial aspirations to reality.

sales accelerator

This product is laser-focused on increasing sales and productivity from our signature program “GET-RESULTS accelerator”. 

To The Real Estate Owner

I use the “Sales Accelerator” Mind Optimization System to help Increase sales by 20% in your business in 30 days.

The goal of this program is to help entrepreneurs and business owners to have more self-motivated staffs that believe more in getting remarkable growth for their business.

As a business owner, imagine Having staff who have learnt how to fearlessly take action to close more property deals. You can now Scale your business to the next level with staff exhibiting high proficiency in delivering tasks and deliverables. You have a business that keeps growing and expanding with ease with little input from you. All you have to focus on is getting more funds to execute your grand business project.

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