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For Coaches, Consultants and Experts

here is how you can increase your sales in 30 days with a that freely takes action

without being held back with the feeling of fear, Anxiety or unworthiness.

Let's me explain how this works...

watch the video below

So would you want to

experience the fulfillment of making in your business or career ?

(Limited Spots remain)

For Coaches, Consultants and business owners

here is how we can increase your sales in 30 days with a "i can do it" mindset that freely takes action

Without being held back with the feeling of fear, anxiety or unworthiness.

Dear Expert

coach & consultant

Would it surprise you to learn that I can help you optimize your mindset to get an INCREASED flow of high-paying clients every month?


Of course, you are!

But stick with me and I will make it worth your while…

The Systems I take you through is an easy yet intensive

5 step model that will literally change your mindset towards making more saleS AND BOOST YOUR SALES RESULTS.

This same model I have taught hundreds of coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs over the year to improve their mindset, remove mindset blocks and start taking action fearlessly towards making more sales in their business or career within 30 days.

and in turn are signing up more high paying clients
without being held back with the feeling of fear, Anxiety or unworthiness.
and best of all experience the fulfilment of living a life where your value is respected, your process is followed and your clients see tangible results

Just like Mr Nsikan who started making sales in days after using our 5 day model.

Hear what he had to say...

Just like Mrs Amara who started here side business in days after using our 5 day model.

Hear what she had to say...

Meet Mr Zuberu who decided to take action and signed up to two client who paid $2,000 each

Four years ago, when I meant Imoh, I was charging $300 for my services because I was afraid to charge my values worth. I went through mindset re-engineering with Imoh and she helped me to see how to reposition my value and increase my price. I was skeptical at first but after convincing, I decided to give it a shot. In the first month, I signed up two clients who paid $2,000 each. From then on it has been beautiful. Also, in my wealth advisor business I am doing 400% more in price. Thank you Imoh for the mindset reengineering and helping me to live my best life as a consultant and as a business entrepreneur.
Zuberu Kadiri
CEO Czar Cadara Advisory

Meet Mr Bassey who decided to take action and launched his first 4 figure client within 60 days

Working with Imoh Williams was quite a wonderful experience, both as a person and to help grow my business. Imoh helped me discover a part of myself that was basically in a shell. I have always been very good as a consultant but not in marketing myself. Thanks to Imoh I was able to get over that mindset block and put myself in a position where I could talk more confidently about my services from a marketing stand point. With guidance from Imoh, I launched my business and signed in my first 4-figure client for my program within 60 days.
Daniel Bassey
CEO Business Upcaler
(Limited Spots remain )

Hear what others have to say...

client success stories

so how are we able to

Achieve This Successfully??

hAve more questions?

It starts when you sign up to join. Immediately you sign in, You get access to the 5 day series

It is an online challenge  with our group meetings to hold on zoom.

We will meet at least once a week on Wednesdays from  8:00pm – 9:00pm GMT to answer any questions you have while taking this bootcamp.

Yes! there is a TELEGRAM group that all participants will join to get extra support during their bootcamp duration.

Still got questions?


I am Imoh WiIlliams

After spending 25years of my life Living In Constant Drama, Anxiety And Low Self Esteem, I have Finally Learnt How to live In  Daily bliss, create my desired environment in the mist of chaos, and confidently  Attract My desired Results In My Life.

This transformational journey was not a walk in the park but after so many failed attempts I am finally here to help you gain back control of your life, your finances and even your  business/career all from showing you how to master your mind.

As an executive Brand Strategist I help coaches and consultants to build a position their expertise online to attract consistent high-paying clients.

As a coach I love to see lives of Experts , Professionals and Business owners change as they gain more confidence to charge their worth, showcase their value to world and living a fulfilled life impacting lives of their clients all around the world.

I will love nothing more than to help you through your mind mastery journey

so are you ready for a

sales boost in 30 days?

Then press the button below to apply. I look forward to seeing you at the call, I can’t wait to talk to you. Please don’t miss the call, if you need to reschedule that’s fine but I don’t reschedule with no shows. Also, get into a quiet place and have something to take notes with. This way, you will be able to get the best out of our session together

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